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marie paquette | Clay Work

After 24 years, I am still exploring with clay, free forming objects with a deep respect for the medium possibilities in mind. These objects, mainly functional, take unusual forms with often highly textured surfaces achieved by folding the clay over and over, layering it or pressing it against various natural surfaces.

I fire my work at mid-high temperature in a reliable electric kiln or at high temperature in outdoor brick kilns fueled with wood over long hours by a dedicated team of fellow potters. When wood firing, it is always with excitement that I surrender my clay objects to the fire, never knowing what to expect while hoping, all through the intense hours of stoking, for unpredictable surprises!


My brushwork is also free formed in its own way and after 12 years, I am still exploring in inks with cedar bark brushes or in acrylic with unconventional tools. I deeply believe that as long as I can keep my mind out the way, surprising ‘suggestions’ will come to life on the paper through free gestural strokes. Sustaining an attentive presence, I hope to maintain the conversation till there is nothing else to be said.

marie paquette, December 2022

Mobile Phone:
(250) 240-2366
golden box
marie paquette
lasting light
marie paquette
vase kayak
marie paquette
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