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Dave Casey

Dave Casey holds a Master's Degree in Metalsmithing and Jewellery with a minor in Painting. He taught at the Alberta University of the Arts (Alberta College of Art + Design) from 1973 to his retirement in the Fall of 2017. His teaching experience spans the areas of drawing (introductory and intermediate), painting and sculpture. Dave moved to Vancouver Island in 2017 and continues to make work in his Nanoose Bay studio.

Artist Statement

It starts with just looking, an ongoing habit of seeking and thinking about how things might relate to each other. Usually, a painting begins with the sight of two or more shapes, objects, or colours, which vibrate with interest. Collision of organic random images and what might be called geometric, orderly images. Sometimes the work is from random associations; sometimes it develops from an idea that might be thought of as naturally organized. The primary relationship is established and developed on the canvas. As the work progresses, the original vision becomes less important, and the painting finds a strategy for completion. Objects and surface may come together as sites for remembrance, the spaces in-between serve as a location for stories. The paintings are silent, bearing witness to our stories. While I may recognize my experiences from which these stories are told, I would hope the paintings create an opportunity for the viewer to hear their stories.

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